Andrew Bryan, Trek Epic / Emerge Educational Consultant

The Emerge program provides an opportunity for young adults to work directly with Andrew Bryan to gain insight and experience toward making positive choices about their futures. Students work directly with Andrew to design and implement their own transition, whether from high school to college, through a Gap Year experience with Trek Epic, re-entry to college life or beginning their work life and career. Each individual’s experience is unique and entails ongoing mentoring and consulting. Often, college planning is a consideration either prior to or during one’s choices and activities.

Students engage in educational consulting typically prior to the start of college, at sometime during college, or immediately after college. The consistent theme at any of these stages is transition. Andrew draws on his expertise in helping young adults create opportunities for themselves that allow for growth and insight into their next steps. With a developing sense of meaning toward a path, students are able to both come into their own and take greater responsibility for their plans.

Through the Emerge process, students are able to engage in studies and potential careers that are more dynamic to who they are and to better follow through with their goals and dreams. In other words, the Emerge is all about working toward answers to the following questions:

Who am I?

What do I care about?

What kind of impact do I want to make on the world?

How do I get there from here?

From a collaborative standpoint, Andrew and the students he works with are able to more effectively communicate with parents and other adults where these key role models are able to provide support in a way that still leaves students living more independently.

Emerge may include individualized activities such as educational travel, internships, volunteering, work opportunities, as well as college and career planning.

Students working with Andrew often participate on a Trek Epic adventure to gain an understanding of the difference between their skills and talents, and how to interact with the world around them in ways they can best contribute through their core gifts.