Andrew Bryan, Educational Consultant

Andrew’s expertise as an educational consultant is in college admission counseling, gap year advising, academic coaching, and transitional support for adolescents and emerging adults. Andrew’s educational consulting and mentoring model is based on the premise that people learn basic life skills through positive interaction with the world around them.

At the center of Andrew’s work is assisting individuals in discovering their Core Gifts, essentially embracing the question: “Who am I, and what do I have to offer the world around me!” Trek Epic, a non profit organization offering international walking treks for emerging adults, the Emerge Gap Year, and Adult Pilgrimages through the Core Gift Institute, are all designed to provide unique and dynamic experiences to help people identify and live more fully through the awareness of their Core Gifts.

Trek Epic offers international walking treks in which participants gain self-awareness by defining their individual core gift and how their talents and skills allow them to apply that gift in a way that is natural to who they are!  Andrew is a co-founder and the administrator for Trek Epic.

Emerge Gap Year is an opportunity for young adults to work directly with Andrew to gain insight and experience toward making positive choices about their futures. This includes individually designed activities such as educational travel, internships, volunteering, work opportunities, as well as college and career planning.

Additionally, Adult Pilgrimages offer the opportunity for adults to experience personal reflection and positive forward momentum in ways relevant to their own stages of life.