Emerge Gap Year

Where in the World are You going Now?!

The Emerge Gap Year provides an opportunity for college age young adults to work directly with Andrew to gain insight and experience toward making positive choices about their futures.  Students design and implement their own Gap Year through Andrew’s guidance. Each individual’s experience is unique and entails ongoing mentoring.  Often, college planning is a consideration either prior to or during one’s gap activities.

Students engage in gap years typically prior to the start of college, at sometime during college, or immediately after college. The consistent theme at any of these stages is transition.  Andrew draws on his expertise in helping emerging adults create opportunities for themselves that allow for grow and insight into their next steps.  With a developing sense of purpose, “gappers” are able to both come into their own and take greater responsibility for their plans.

Through the Emerge Gap Year process, students are able to engage in studies and potential career paths that are more dynamic to who they are and to better follow through with their goals and dreams.  In other words, the Emerge Gap Year is all about working toward answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I care about?
  • What kind of impact do I want to make on the world?
  • How do you get there from here?

From a collaborative standpoint, Andrew and the students he works with are able to more effectively communicate with parents and other adults where these key role models are able to provide support in a way that still leaves students living more independently.

The Emerge Gap Year includes individualized activities such as educational travel, internships, volunteering, work opportunities, as well as college and career planning.

The Emerge Gap Year offers three possibilities in which young adults can engage:

I. Participation on a trek with Trek Epic:
Trek Epic is an inner and outer JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY — discover your CORE GIFTS, ways to bring them into the WORLD, new PEOPLE, distant LANDSCAPES on an epic walking ADVENTURE.
These are 10-day international walking treks in a small group setting where we consider individual talents, skills, and personal gifts, leading to the articulation of your core gift and how to more fully engage with the world around you based on this discovery.
II. Taking a full Gap Semester with Trek Epic in the fall of 2018.  This begins with a 10-day trek as part of a cohort group, followed by an individually chosen overseas experience for up to 8 weeks tailored to your interests, potential personal travel, and, then, followed by a culminating 10-day advanced trek where the cohort reunites!  This year’s Gap Semester begins Thursday, September 13th, with a walk in the United Kingdom, and finishes with a walk in Greece ending on Saturday, December 9th.  Participants communicate weekly with a personal coach throughout their individualize placement.
III. Emerge Gap Year Career and Technical Programs, Baker City, Oregon.  Participants can enroll at anytime, are encouraged to participate on a Trek Epic 10-day trek or the Trek Epic Gap Semester, and are able to take a break from college academics to pursue certification, licensing, and/or college credit in a number of contemporary vocational areas at the Baker Technical Institute, these include, among several additional options, Welding, Heavy Equipment Operation, Construction and Carpentry, Nursing Assistant training, Wilderness Medicine, Environmental Clean Up Program, Technical Writing, Engineering Tech and Agricultural options.  These training components are somewhat open ended and flexible in terms of start dates.  Throughout your enrollment, you engage in facilitated experiences working with the Gap Year themes consistent with the Walking Your Purposeful Path curriculum.  Baker City, Oregon is an historic mining, ranching and timber town nestled between two mountain ranges in Northeast Oregon, 2 hours from Boise, Idaho.  It is the home to Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort and the vibrant Downtown Baker City!


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