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Featured Programming: Emerge College Success Program + Treks

With Emerge, no one goes it alone.
The Emerge College Success Program provides students with the academic and social tools to be successful in their chosen campus environment by engaging with key supports throughout the school year. College support for Emerge students includes weekly individual coaching and mentoring sessions remotely through Zoom, or onsite in Boise, Idaho, local peer mentoring, academic tutoring, referrals to additional professionals as needed, as well as vocational and volunteer or internship opportunities.

Each student’s success plan and ongoing support is individualized to provide for their unique interests and needs. Andrew Bryan and Kylie Peters work directly with students and serves as a focal point in coordinating with both the student and the people they are additionally engaged with, as well as communicating with parents and referring professionals.

Emerge College Success students are encouraged to take part on our trek adventures at some point in their college career where they have the opportunity to explore more of their goals and personal path while traveling internationally and participating in a dynamic small group setting.