Core Gift Discovery

Andrew Bryan’s Core Gift Statement is as follows:

My Core Gift is helping others set the stage for experiencing life with meaning.

I give it by recognizing that being oneself is to know others and understanding that together we can discover “the way,” so that we may shine beyond our brightness.

Essential to the developmental process of the transition from adolescent to emerging adult is the ability of young people to articulate and gain insight into their core gift. Throughout all of his work, Andrew helps guide students to a better understanding of who they are and how then they might contribute to the world around them. A true coming into one’s own and sharing of one’s gifts with others.

Whether making decisions through the college admission and selection process, working toward goals as a college student, or taking time out to explore beyond the classroom, students will move toward their authentic selves through a mentoring experience with Andrew. The Core Gift Discovery process and specific interview leading to a unique and defining statement form a foundation from which student’s can pursue a vision of their place in the world.

The Core Gift Discovery process is directly related to the work of Bruce Anderson of Community Activators. Bruce provides facilitation on Trek Epic treks.