Educational Consulting

Andrew consults with a wide range of students and families in pursuit of educational options and success, including, but not limited to College Admissions Advising, College Life Mentoring, and Gap Year Design and Implementation. His focus is on guiding students and parents toward fulfilling opportunities.

Andrew has an expertise in consulting and mentoring adolescents and emering adults as well as experience working with individual learning styles and the wide array of educational and career options available to students.

His contribution is to help individuals realize they have unique gifts, that they must develop and share their gifts, that they must have a dream and through determination, they can realize their dream.

Andrew is a member of Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). He has worked with adolescents and young adults and their families since 1989. Throughout his career he has been interviewed and quoted nationally on education related topics in The Seattle Times, The Lawlor Review, Post-Secondary LD Report, Newsweek, US News and World Report, The New York Times, CBS Marketplace, CBS Network Radio News, SmartMoney Magazine, KUOW’s Weekday, College Bound Teen, LATalkRadio with Dore Frances, the Homeward Bound parent call with Tim Thayne, and most recently The Baltimore Sun.