Adult Pilgrimages

In addition to advising adolescents and emerging adults on their educational and college opportunities, guiding students on treks through the Core Gift Discovery Process, and mentoring young people through the design and implementation of Gap Years, Andrew offers pilgrimages designed for adults to explore and answer the question, “who am I, and what do I have to offer the world around me.”  This is to say, “what is my inner genius, what are my core gifts, my purpose, and how will I give them!”

Following the same 10 day template and design Trek Epic has developed, pilgrimages are a unique opportunity to experience the intentionality of walking toward one’s destiny, while securing the knowledge of how gifts impact one’s engagement with the world around them!

“Where in the World are You going Now!

Our next pilgrimage begins in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain, with departures on July 12th and arrival in the city on July 13th.  After exploring Santiago de Compostela we depart for Fisterra, taking the “Walk to the End of the World” Camino, returning on July 19th. 

Andrew will also be guiding this year with Bruce Anderson of the Core Gift Institute, September 3rd – 13th, on the Northumberland Coast of Scotland and England, the Holy Island Pilgrimage!

Custom walking adventures may also be arranged for your group. Please call or text +1-208-484-5835 for more information.