TrekEpic, provides young adults with an intercultural and international European style walking trek experience which broadens their horizons and promotes self-awareness as they gain the skills and confidence to discover and embark upon their own path.

Participants explore and articulate their skills, talents, influences and passages leading to the discovery of their Core Gift through the crafting of a powerful statement and an ongoing process which informs and motivates them to reflect, evolve and move forward.

A great description of our work: “TrekEpic offers a transformational opportunity to young adults seeking to expand their understanding of their unique gifts and how they might offer them to the world. We use 10 day walking treks in the United Kingdom as our vehicle for guided personal reflection and small group work. Throughout their time on trek young adults develop a personal statement of their “core gifts” and begin exploring how they can purposefully apply these passions, interests and talents to their future. A TrekEpic participant comes out of their trek experience with specific ideas for next steps in their lives and an increased sense of confidence and purpose.”

Participants are responsible for their airfare and $400.00 in spending money. All other costs including in-country transportation, accommodation, meals (excluding dinner), trek guide, and core gift discovery facilitation are sponsored.